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Food for your Chartreux



 Pure Vita or Wellness are good choices. Meat source: Turkey or chicken. We use bottled water here at Chanson Bleu Chartreux.

Chartreux need lots of fresh water. Dog bowls or water fountains are recommended.


I recommend internet distributors like or for direct home delivery. Buy $50+ and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!!!

A good diet, a clean litter box are much less expensive than vet bills! Spayed females can develop stones & infections, too!




Did you know?    Clumping litter may lead to irritable bowl disease. Use loose white clay like Fresh Step or Cat's Pride. (comes in bags)

Did you know?    Please use traditional rabies vaccine: Imrab3.    I do not recommend PUREVAX rabies vaccine. Sarcoma is a genetic problem.  The Chartreux has no history of developing sarcoma after the use of the traditional killed vaccine.

Did you know?         A Chartreux takes at least 2 years to mature. The first year the will grow their frame and build muscle to become the great athletes. One pound/month is a good steady growth rate. The second year they will start to fill in their frame and as they age they will put on more weight (as we all seem to do). A high quality diet, grain free gives them enough nutrition they need for proper heart and muscle development.

Did you know?        Your new kitten is still a baby cat. His body and immune system are in formation for the next 8 months. His bowels are sensitive to changes in diet. Gastric distress makes a cranky kitten that does not want to be handled.  The kittens character formation continues at your home. Do not lose valuable time by  making your kitten  sick/uncomfortable with  changes in diet. Your kitten needs as much love and attention as you can give him in the first year of his life. Even during periods of restlessness/independence... practice capture and release...even as a teenage kitten he needs to know you are his human parents and you love him.  Your behavior has alot to do with how your kitten develops. Cat trees give kittens their own 'home base' and a place of security in your home. We raise them with cat trees and they do appreciate them. As little ones they sleep in the crow's nest and enjoy meeting/greeting us at eye level. We are giants to the kittens. Like dogs, the cats will sometimes mill around the feet and a  cat tree is a handy place to put the cat/kitten. By placing them in the cat tree they get the gift of your touch and you move them out of harms way.

Did you know?       Dogs can be asymptomatic carriers of bordetella which they can transfer to your kitten/cat. If you own a dog, ask your vet to vaccinate your Chartreux with the feline bordetella vaccine. If your kitten starts sneezing, take him to the vet as soon as possible for treatment(antibiotics). ASK for liquid form to give by drops or mix in food. Pilling is next to impossible in many cases. Kittens can die from feline bordetella.  Sometimes kittens can pick up the bacteria during shipping, too.  If the kitten starts sneezing, take him/her to the vet.

Did you know?      Re: Anesthesia.  Some Chartreux are allergic to ketamine. Only allow your vet to use human type iso/sevo type gas anesthesia. Make sure this info is on the papers you sign at the vet's office before any surgical procedures. Chartreux will go into a coma and not awaken. (Persians can have this response, too, by the way)

Did You know?   Chartreux will love you best right after a shower.... a scent free you is what the love! Also, with their water repellent coats, many will follow you right into the shower just for fun.

Did you know?  Scent free moisturizers are best, too. Chartreux can love more than one person, but scents are a big 'turn off.' Playing hard to get will make you more interesting if you are female.  Check your fragrance if your kitten prefers your husband!              

Did you know?  The real difference between a Russian Blue and a Chartreux? Yes, the Russian Blue is a lean cat with green eyes. The real difference is in the feel.  When held in your lap, the mature Chartreux feels more like a pillow. 

Did you know?  Diseases like kennel cough can be passed from your dog to your cat... parasites, too. Many animals develop immunities and are asymptomatic carriers.

Did you know? Chartreux love routines

Did you know? Chartreux are gourmets.  Our Bo Peep LOVES sweet potato pie with coconut. Her daughter in PA loves sauerkraut!

Did you know? Gerber baby food chicken or turkey, hand fed by the teaspoon, is great for bonding with your kitten. It is like ice cream. Your Chartreux will love you for your thoughtfulness!

Did you know? Grain based litter (like World's Best) is too organic - a great breeding ground for bacteria. Simple white clay like Fresh Step loose unscented is much better.  Softwood pellets  like 'feline pine' or 'woody pellet' break down too easily, make a mess and may contribute to bladder infections.

Did you know?   Water fountains will keep your Chartreux hydrated. Monthly cleaning is necessary to avoid blockage of hair and motor burn out. Keeping it somewhere off the floor is a good idea, if you can.  

Did you know?    Cornell recommends a little wet food as cats age to relieve stress on kidneys and prevent renal failure.

Did you know?    Revolution Spot Treatment is your Chartreux's  best protection. (see )

 Perhaps the safest of spot treatments, it is also revolutionary because it kills ear mites, fleas, worms, protects against heart worm, and may also kill ticks. (not confirmed on pkg but most vets will agree) Remember, humans and other pets as well as doors, windows, etc. allow the outside into your home.  Sometimes microscopic organisms can be picked up at any vet's office! Since many organism's are microscopic and some animals are asymptomatic carriers... the world can be a dangerous place. None of us live in a bubble. If you need help obtaining this product contact me:

Did you know?      Wrestling with your kitten etc may be a hard habit to break! Imagine a 16 pound male or female cat with powerful jaws biting you. Avoid trouble.  Another worthwhile investment....whips and wands will bring joy with no bad habits.  Hands are strictly for loving/petting/massaging your Chartreux. Your kitten will think you are really an exciting person when the wand/whip comes out of the drawer (otherwise they will destroy it on their own).

Did you know?       Preferred bedding: Towels & facecloths & sherpa. Light colors are best so that they you can use a little bleach in the mix. The facecloths can be used for biting and chewing fun. The small pieces can be an imaginery friend that doesn 't bite or kick back! They even drag them around around. A towel on your bed might be very inviting.

Did you know?         Grains and fish are  potential allergens for many, many cats.  Why feed a carnivore grain and specifically corn or wheat?

Did you know?         Food engineers put appetite stimulants in many cat foods. A cat should be able to self regulate and free feed. If he can not, there are probably appetite stimulants in the food.


A Working Breed

The Chartreux kitten that is healthy is an active, mischievous kitten like all kittens. Be prepared. Kittens may teeth for up to nine months. Some chew plastic chords, etc. and we humans surmise that there is a chemical now in plastics that the some cats enjoy. If you can afford two, it is much better because the Chartreux kitten really likes to play. Two kitten will play with each other and not the objects in your home. They are active and they have busy minds. Intelligent and very coordinated, a healthy Chartreux kitten will climb. If bored it might clear the top of your table tossing what it can on the floor as a way of playing. Once known as 'cats of the roof tops of Paris,' do not be surprised if you find your Chartreux poised on a railing in your home, the higher the better. True to their heritage as coveted mousers, they have incredible physical abilities. As youngsters they will go through an active phase before they settle down.


 Reservations suggested.

We must admit our kittens and cats are CUTE!  They are American Chartreux  from the finest lines in the United States.  Our kitten price is determined by the value of the kittens. Decades of selective breeding as well as proven scientific methods of cattery management practices make our American Chartreux  healthy and special.. We know you will be very satisfied. We hope that this purchase is the beginning of a life long correspondence regarding 'the Chartreux.'

Notes from A New Owner on the West Coast

"Gigi and Gason are doing great."


He is a gorgeous cat and getting really big. He's still coltish with really long legs. He is incredibly loving, but it took him a few weeks to settle in. I think he really attached to you, and wasn’t so sure for the first couple of weeks that I wasn’t just a temporary care-taker. Having the two helped as he seemed to be comforted by having Gigi around, especially when he went to sleep at night.

Now that he knows this is his true home he is my constant companion. My garden is about an acre and a half. He tags along where ever I go. Whatever project is going on - indoor or out - he is right there, looking on, wanting to be a part of it. He’s much more vocal than she is and will give the most heart-breaking cry if he thinks he’s been left behind or lost. He also has an irresistible little trill if he’s bored and just wants to play. And boy does he like to play! Birds on a wand, cat dancer, ribbons, balls in a track. He loves them all. He’s bigger and faster than Gigi so he completely dominates these games. He adores her, but the game is the game.


She’s an absolute beauty. In a lot of ways the more outgoing of the two. She was the first to explore a new room of the house. She’ll be the first up a tree. Or in the pond. Well, the pond wasn’t entirely intentional but she had to keep going farther and farther down the rocks at the edge until she finally ended up taking a bath. As a result her lovely whiskers often seem to be sporting a cobweb or two as she now insists on exploring every dark crevice of the barn, greenhouse, under the deck etc.

The neighbors have two very old cats that come on my property. They keep to themselves and run away if I get near. Gaston completely ignores them. He prefers to be with me and whoever I’m with. Gigi is certain they need her friendship. At first they ran away or hissed when she got near. She continued to think they were just old dears and would go and greet them whenever she saw one. Well yesterday I found her and this old cat napping together under a tree behind my gazebo. I expect she is going to be inviting him over for dinner at any day now.

She already has a thick undercoat. She’s very quiet. The most I ever hear is a little “tweet.” And she’s absolutely crazy about goat cheese.

So glad I have them both. I recommend it highly. At least at this age they still play together a lot which helps burn off their boundless kitten energy.

I have them clicker trained to come to me whenever I click. They picked it up in a couple of days.

Both of them love to chase the ball. If they are in the mood they’ll bring it back for me to throw again. They will also both try and climb any tree they see. A particular favorite is an ancient Bay tree. The limbs are huge – 3 or 4 feet across - and they love to go up, hide in the leaves and survey their kingdom.

Basically, they are very happy cats, having a great time and I adore them both.




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12 week  old Chartreux kittens (off spring of Chatton Teal'c)


More Chartreux kittens at 3 weeks...

 Note from Newport, Vermont

I had to tell you of a BleuBird breakthrough. Last night I was laying down and BleuBird came up and put something beside me. I was like what the heck have you brought. It was her little green dog you sent with her. I threw it into the hall and she jumped down fetched it and brought it back and dropped it in front of me. This went on for a longggg time.

LOL I always was hoping she would fetch. She was 6 months old last week.

Just trying to keep you updated on Princess BleuBird"



Our Chartreux kittens at 3 weeks

2007 A.D         Five centuries later: the tradition of the Chartreux as companion lives on.     1557 A.D

Chanson Bleu life time commitment: Let me know about your Chartreux. With the times and circumstances of the day, we can help you re home your Chanson Bleu Chartreux if you are facing difficulties beyond your control. Just let me know, we want to help!

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